Everything is connected.

Even before the tubes and wires Senator Ted Stevens imagined to comprise the Internet, before DARPA, life in general was a series of connections.




The food chain.

Everything had a purpose, which made other purposes.

Then the stupid old Internet came along. Now, things were REALLY connected. Hyper-connected. We didn’t have to get out of our chairs to see friends or family. Or even work. The food chain? Still intact, but now we’ve streamlined the hunting with keyword searches and (in)secure transactions. A lot of good was done. But with good comes the bad. With instantaneous access to information also comes ability to create information. But it’s the Wild West – everything is driven into the “open.” Open source is cool, but anonymous open opinion tends to make the Internet a tough place to work and play. For every cute cat video, we get a TROLLOLOLOL and a doxxer and whatever comes next.

No one looks like their pictures. Everyone is an expert. Accountability? Pshaw.

Why I love the Internet? Information.

Why I hate the Internet? Inaccuracy. Inhumanity.

Let’s fact check. Let’s crowd source our knowledge.

But above all, let’s respect each other.


Why I love/hate the Interwebz

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