TECH:: What’s the latest cDOT 8.2.x release that’s best for NAS?

Data ONTAP 8.2.3P6 has been released. As the NFS TME at NetApp, I am pretty stoked. Get it here:

On that page is a list of bug fixes in the release. This is the recommended release for all NAS environments running 8.2.x.

This is an update to both 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. Keep in mind that minor releases (such as 8.2.x) are immediately considered GA, so there is no RC for minor releases. They are essentially patch rollups with minimal new features.

The update contains:

  • NAS fixes and improvements
  • Name service fixes and improvements
  • Kerberos fixes

If you are running NAS and are already on a 8.2.x release, UPGRADE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Lots of good NAS features/fixes for both 7-mode and cDOT.

If you are on a 8.1.x or prior release, consider/plan on upgrading, as it will be a little more involved than a minor upgrade from 8.2.x.

Windows NFSv3

Included in the 8.2.3 release is support for Windows NFSv3, which, believe it or not, people still use in production. 🙂

7-mode has supported this for a while, but clustered Data ONTAP did not support it until this release. 8.3 still does not support it, but 8.3.1 does. TR-4067: NFS Best Practice and Implementation Guide contains content regarding Windows NFSv3.

Check it out today!

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