TECH::vSphere 6.0 – NFS thoughts

vSphere 6.0 is GA today, so re-blogging this with some added information!

Why Is The Internet Broken?

DISCLAIMER: I work for NetApp. However, I don’t speak for NetApp. These are my own views. 🙂

I’m a tad late to the party here, as there have already been numerous blogs about what’s new in vSphere 6.0, etc. I haven’t seen anything regarding what was missing from a NFS perspective, however. So I’m going to attempt to fill that gap.

What new NFS features were added?

Famously, vSphere 6 brings us NFSv4.1. NFSV4.1 is an enhancement of NFSV4.0, which brought the following features:

  • Pseudo/unified namespace
  • TCP only
  • Better security via domain ID string mapping, single firewall port and Kerberos integration
  • Better locking than NFSv3 via a lease-based model
  • Compound NFS calls (i.e., combining multiple NFS operations into a single packet)
  • Better standardization of the protocol, leveraging IETF
  • More granular ACLs (similar to Windows NTFS ACLs)
  • NFS referrals
  • NFS sessions
  • pNFS

I cover NFSv4.x in some detail in TR-4067

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