TECH::New DataCenterDude post – The Secret Origins of RTFM

It’s 10:30AM. The blue, translucent Outlook mail notification wafts at the bottom of our fearless support guy’s screen.

“Hey! Sorry to bother you, but how do I….”

Our fearless admin’s eyes roll deep into the back of his eye sockets as he emits a loud, exasperated sigh. He knows it’s in the manual – he helped write it. But no one seems to read it. He feels his efforts have been wasted.

But today, our fearless admin has a plan. Through the miracles of modern science and some quick Google searches, he has found a secret formula that would merge his mind into anyone that emails him to ask questions. They would be under his control and would instantly think to look for the answers themselves. All he needs is a bolt of lightning to complete the transformation.

The storm clouds swirl outside of his datacenter. He hooks a metal conducting rod up to a set of copper wires and applies the clamps to his nipples. The air is crisp and smells of electricity. The hairs on the back of his neck stand on end.


The bolt strikes the metal rods and our fearless admin screams in agony! The smell of electricity becomes the smell of burnt hair. On a table next to him, a bottle of unconsumed serum sits next to a set of instructions.

1. Drink serum.
2. Attach cables to toes.

Our fearless admin sits in the chair, drooling, mumbling.


The above scenario is one of the most contentious parts of anyone’s job in IT. We lament over and over about how no one reads anymore, but we are also often just as guilty – victims of our own hubris and overconfidence. In our own minds, we’re somehow annoyed by the very job we were hired to do. Help people solve problems. But sometimes it just touches the nerve, especially in situations where you’ve already explained how to fix it, and even more especially when you’ve already explained how to fix it to the same person.

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