Why Is the Internet Broken: Greatest Hits

When I started this site back in October of 2014, it was mainly to drive traffic to my NetApp Insight sessions -and it worked.

(By the way… stay tuned for a blog on this year’s new Insight sessions by yours truly. Now with more lab!)

As I continued writing, my goal was to keep creating content – don’t be the guy who just shows up during conference season.


So far, so good.

But since I create so much content, it gets hard to find for new visitors to this site, The WordPress archives/table of contents is lacking. So, what I’ve done is create my own table of contents of the top 5 most visited posts.

Top 5 Blogs (by number of visits)

TECH::Using NFS with Docker – Where does it fit in?

SMB1 Vulnerabilities: How do they affect NetApp’s Data ONTAP?

TECH::Become a clustered Data ONTAP CLI Ninja

ONTAP 9.1 is now generally available (GA)!

NetApp FlexGroup: An evolution of NAS


I also used to write for datacenterdude.com on occasion.

To read those, go to this link:

My DataCenterDude stuff

How else do I find stuff?

You can also search on the site or click through the archives, if you choose. Or, subscribe to the RSS feed. If you have questions or want to see something changed or added to the site, follow me on Twitter @NFSDudeAbides or comment on one of the posts here!

You can also email me at whyistheinternetbroken@gmail.com.

3 thoughts on “Why Is the Internet Broken: Greatest Hits

  1. The more I read the things you write the more I look forward to reading what you say. I’m glad you continue to share so widely your experience. Thanks! Will you presenting at Insight 2016?


  2. Great, I have really enjoyed your article.Thank you so much for this interesting and well-written article. You show the list of wonderful blogs . It is really helpful. . Thanks for sharing.


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