TECH:: The NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast and its Triumphant Return


A long time ago…

…in a galaxy far, far away, Nick Howell (aka @datacenterdude) decided it would be pretty awesome if NetApp had its very own podcast for people to listen to. He started it with Gabe Lowe. After 20 episodes, Gabe moved on to PernixData. Episode 23 introduced Pete Flecha to the fold.

Glenn Sizemore joined the fold after proving his chops on Microsoft, NetApp Shift and FlexPod.

I’m pretty sure they found Andrew Sullivan as a small child, being raised by a cult obsessed with Docker containers called “Tail of the Whale.” (But I could be making that up).

Full bios on those guys are below…

Why Podcast?

This was an effort to raise NetApp’s profile and social media cred, as well as maintain a running dialogue with customers and partners alike. The podcast would include information about NetApp, its products and feature subject matter experts in the storage industry to talk about a variety of topics, both standard and cutting edge.

The podcast was hosted on Nick’s site and operated in a sort of official/unofficial capacity. After a solid run of building a dedicated fan base, Nick moved on to another gig and the podcast was left in limbo.


Would it be resurrected? Should it?

You don’t miss it until it’s gone

It turns out that the podcast was extremely popular. So popular, in fact, that there was a groundswell of support and furor coming from its listeners. People loved the podcast. They wanted it back. They needed it. So, NetApp delivered.

The phoenix rose from the ashes and the NetApp Communities Podcast was brought back as Tech ONTAP, which had the official blessing of NetApp as a company.


Unlike before, the site was now hosted on the NetApp Communities. The official Twitter handle became @NetApp. And the show was hosted by a trio of Nerds With Attitudes. The first episode of the new podcast was posted on July 31, 2015.


Who hosts Tech ONTAP?

The podcast is currently hosted by 3 of the best and brightest at NetApp.

Pete Flecha @vPedroArrow


Pete is the NetApp TME for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery, including NetApp MetroCluster and SRM. He has his own blog called Pete is the host of the Tech ONTAP podcast and is an absolute perfectionist, so he’ll spend hours at a time editing the podcast and doing re-takes, just to make sure it’s right. Pete has presented at VMworld and will be presenting a few sessions at NetApp Insight.

Here’s a list of Pete’s technical reports, if you’re interested:

When he’s not working, he’s getting absolutely destroyed at foosball by Dan Isaacs.*

*Paid for by Dan Isaacs

Glenn Sizemore @glnsize


Glenn is a jack of all trades, but a master at all of them. FlexPod, anything Microsoft, HCI, cloud… and those aren’t just buzzy resume’ filler fluff. He ACTUALLY KNOWS THOSE THINGS.

Glenn is the co-host of the Tech ONTAP podcast and keeps Pete Flecha honest, as well as bickering with Andrew Sullivan. He’ll be presenting at NetApp Insight and likely knocking it out of the park.

Here’s a list of Glenn’s technical reports, if you’re interested:

Andrew Sullivan @andrew_ntap


Andrew Sullivan (aka Sully the Monster) is a VMware/DevOps/Docker/Automation TME for NetApp and has helped spearhead integration of containers onto NetApp storage and is active in the relationship between NetApp and ClusterHQ. Like Glenn, Andrew knows multiple technologies and can tell you more than you’d even want to know about them. However, you’d have issues hearing him, as he’s pretty soft spoken. Either that, or the beard acts as a muffler. He’s a co-host of the podcast and has every technology mastered – except microphones. He also writes up the podcast blog posts and has his own blog called

You can often find him locked in a hearty “discussion” with Glenn Sizemore from topics ranging from what the best use of containers are to if water is truly wet.

Here’s a list of Andrew’s technical reports and blogs, if you’re interested:

Who else?

Guests range from experts like Jay Goldfinch (cDOT TME)Dan Isaacs (AFF TME and Vaughn Stewart harasser) to EVO:RAIL master Eric Railine to FlexPod TME Melissa Palmer (@vmiss33) to myself. Coming weeks will feature even more top notch industry experts, so be sure to subscribe!

Each week, a new topic is covered at a deep, technical level. Additionally, the Tech ONTAP podcast gives daily wrap ups of conferences, such as VMworld and NetApp Insight. The fluff is kept to a minimum. The podcast’s intention is to educate and entertain.

At NetApp Insight, they’ll be interviewing NetApp employees, partners (including members of the esteemed NetApp A-Team) and customers daily to get their take on the conference. There will also be a Tech ONTAP booth, where you can meet the guys and ask them questions.

So if you can’t attend in person, you can at least keep up with what is going on from NetApp’s perspective.

Where can I find it?

The podcast is posted as a blog each week in the NetApp Communities. Taking a long road trip or flight? Download a few and take a listen. Have some downtime in between sessions at NetApp Insight? Listen to the podcast!

The first six episodes of the rebooted podcast are listed below:

The old podcast episodes are buried in New Mexico (where they found the Atari ET cartridges).

They are available on Soundcloud and iTunes for free download.

Be sure to also check out what sessions I will be doing at this blog post:

My NetApp Insight Sessions

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