TECH::Data ONTAP 8.2.4P3 is available!

Data ONTAP 8.2.4P3 has been released!

As the NFS TME at NetApp, I am pretty stoked.

Get it here:

The link above gives a list of bugs that are fixed in this P release.

For the product docs:

This is an update to both 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. Keep in mind that minor releases (such as 8.2.x) are immediately considered GA, so there is no RC for minor releases. They are essentially patch rollups with minimal new features.

The update contains feature enhancements including:

  • Support for In-memory User to Group mapping database
  • GbE Support on UTA2 ports for data connectivity on Entry systems
  • RC4 Kerberos Encryption support in 7-mode
  • Scalability and Performance improvements for Parallel NFS mounts in LDAP environments
  • Bug fixes
  • Customer-0 with over 25k hours of run time

If you are using NAS, it’s HIGHLY recommended to upgrade to release, as there are numerous improvements to the NAS functionality.

If you are on a 8.1.x or prior release, consider beginning to plan on upgrading, as it will be a little more involved than a minor upgrade from 8.2.x.

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