TECH::NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast Announcement!

If you’ve noticed, I’ve done some work in recent months with the guys at the Tech ONTAP podcast. I’ve blogged about it some, done some graphics/photography work, and even appeared on a few episodes – most notably the NFS one.

My interest in the podcast started back when Nick Howell (@datacenterdude) originally ran it and I was just starting up my own blog/social media presence. Nick was kind enough to mentor me as I started out.

I considered trying my hand at doing my own podcast, but why re-invent the wheel? The Tech ONTAP podcast (formerly the NetApp Community Podcast) was doing great things already.

The work I did on the podcast was mostly out of interest in doing something a little different from my day to day (and I learned a bunch from it), but secretly I hoped that I could be a more regular part of it.

Well, my wish has come true – I am honored to announce I am now an official co-host of the NetApp Tech ONTAP podcast!

How it happened

In the process of my work with the podcast guys – Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow), Glenn Sizemore (@glnsize) and Andrew Sullivan (@andrew_NTAP) – it turns out that I actually liked working with those guys. In my interactions, we all seemed to be on the same page with a lot of things, and they’re some of the best and brightest NetApp has to offer.

Because those guys are all so top-notch, I didn’t see a way in to be a more official part of the podcast – it was just too crowded!

So I decided I’d just keep helping out – because it was fun. But also because I wanted to show the guys what I could bring to the table.

However, a spot recently opened up – Pete Flecha decided to move on to a new position at VMware. And the podcast guys decided I’d be a good fit to try to replace him.

Now, that remains to be seen… but I plan on doing my best! I do have a background in doing radio (college, at least, at WKNC 88.1), so I don’t think the transition will be super difficult.

I’ll be helping with the editing, blogging, promoting and whatever else I can do to make it successful. I’ll also be trying to fill the role of Pete Flecha, which was conflict mediator between Glenn and Andrew. Those are some big shoes to fill!

If you happen to listen, feel free to send me feedback on what I can do better, tips on how to improve the podcast or just to tell me how I’m doing!

Check out the episode where we talk about SnapMirror to Everything and the Data Fabric, and where I get announced as joining the team!

Episode 14: Protecting your Data with SnapMirror to Everything

If you’re going to be at Insight Berlin, come find me at one of my sessions or doing some Tech ONTAP podcast work!


3 thoughts on “TECH::NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast Announcement!

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