Express Yourself: NetApp’s Express Guides

A while back, I wrote up a blog on how to better search NetApp documentation. Basically, “how do I find documentation?”

But finding the docs is only half the battle. The other half? Reading and understanding it.


Some of NetApp’s documents can be… unwieldy. Take for instance TR-4073: Secure Unified Authentication. I wrote that guide to help people set up Kerberos, LDAP and NFSv4 in clustered Data ONTAP. That document ended up being over 250 pages, and I’ll be honest, it’s dry.

Solving the problem of actually getting people to read the documentation is pretty simple – make it useful, make it compelling and, perhaps most importantly, make it succinct.

That’s where the Data ONTAP Express Guides come in.


What are the Express Guides?

The Express Guides have the intent on making the set up and configuration of clustered Data ONTAP easier and more foolproof. The idea is to write up a set of prescribed steps that have been vetted by NetApp’s subject matter experts to ensure the best possible experience is achieved.

The guides cover everything from basic cluster setup to NFS configurations to SVM DR.

I mention the Express Guides for two reasons:

  1. They’re awesome
  2. Not a ton of people know they exist

Hopefully, now you do.



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