Ask the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast!

If you’re familiar with the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast (, then you know we talk about a wide array of things concerning NetApp, whether it involves existing products like Cloud ONTAP or SnapCenter, technology trends like Docker or OpenStack, or new ONTAP releases.

In Episode 21, we made a call to action for listeners to submit questions for the podcast and we’d answer them on a future show. We’re still interested in hearing from you, so please submit your questions to!

This is the opportunity to leverage some of the subject matter experts at NetApp, on NetApp technologies. Got a FlexPod, PowerShell or Microsoft application question? Glenn Sizemore (@glnsize) is your man. Want to know more about Docker, OpenStack or automation? Ask Andrew Sullivan (@andrew_NTAP). Need to know more about multiprotocol NAS, NFS, CIFS, or clustered Data ONTAP? Justin Parisi (@NFSDudeAbides) may know.

Got a question that stumps us? That’s fine! We know people. Lots of people. And we can have them come on to the show and answer your question, or get their answers and deliver them to you!

This is a great way to get real people to answer your real life questions. If you have been leveraging the NetApp Communities¬†and can’t seem to get an answer, feel free to ask us!

And if your question is selected for the podcast, we’ll send you a Tech ONTAP Podcast sticker and possibly other NetApp gear (as supplies last).

It’s a win-win!



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