Behind the Scenes: Episode 26 – SolidFire Deep Dive

Earlier this week, I mentioned how I was going to start a new series of “behind the scenes” blogs on the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.

The impetus behind this was to promote the podcasts a little more and get some more active involvement from the community as a whole.

This week’s podcast was a SolidFire deep dive and can be found here:

I’ll be writing this blog with inspiration drawn from the brilliant video created the day of the announcement, with the 8-bit Pac-Man-esque theme. I can’t find it now, but it was great. This Dave Wright video has it at the end:

Act 1: They Meet


This week, we had our new friends from SolidFire in the studio to do a deep dive on the technology. We started out with Amy Lewis (@commsninja) and Aaron Delp (@aarondelp) to do a high level overview.

They were on site at RTP to get badges, meet people and be introduced at the Friday tradition of Beer Bash. I had met Amy briefly before, but I don’t think she remembered me. In fact, we had been communicating over Twitter DM and she messaged “Marco!” to find me. What made it funny was that she probably sent that as she was standing 3 feet from me, talking with other people at my table.

To be fair, I don’t look like my Twitter profile photo right now, as I have the winter neckbeard going. I got my revenge, however, by getting Amy to wear the infamous “Guest Beard” on the podcast:


We had some good chats about SolidFire and NetApp, but what didn’t make it to the recording were some guttural sounds made by Amy that will find their way into the intros in the future…

Act 2: The Chase


I had scheduled Jeramiah Dooley (@jdooley_clt) weeks ago, when the deal was first announced. I reached out to him and Amy to ensure I got them on as soon as legally possible.

I was also asking Amy to land me Dave Wright, the CEO. But that proved hard to do, given how busy Dave likely was those coming weeks. Hopefully we’ll get him on soon, but Amy did make up for it by landing a great special guest in Andy Banta (@andybanta), who I had heard of but never realized just what a superstar he was in the overall virtualization community.

Andy was going to join via Skype and Jeramiah was going to be on-site on Monday after traveling to do the Tech Unplugged session with Andy Grimes (@Andy_NTAP_Flash)from NetApp.

One problem – Jeramiah didn’t have a badge yet. So coordinating that was a little challenging, but not too bad.

We did the show and later I found out that Andy Banta snuck some secret code words into the episode. See if you can find them and shoot an answer in the comments and I’ll send you a podcast sticker!

Afterwards, I was planning on taking Jeramiah out to lunch, but Andy Grimes grabbed him for an EBC with a customer. So, within minutes of getting his badge, Jeramiah Dooley was already adding value to NetApp. 🙂

Act 3: Junior?


I know this blog post seems like a love fest for SolidFire, almost completely motivated by the acquisition. But it’s really about 2 things.

  1. SolidFire have been competitors before this, so we couldn’t really be too gushy about them. However, I’ve always admired them from afar for their marketing savvy and overall tech story.
  2. It’s also about making them feel welcome from the start. It’s hard to be a company that’s acquired by another company and I wanted to make sure I did my part in being as accommodating as possible to help ease the transition.

I’m sure there are a lot of good things in store for NetApp and SolidFire, and you can be sure that the Tech ONTAP podcast will be inviting them back to help tell their story.

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