Behind the Scenes: Episode 27 – SolidFire: Automation for the People!

Welcome to the Episode 27 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

After last week’s successful episode (SolidFire Deep Dive – 900 listens in just 1 week!), not to mention a long weekend (we had President’s Day off), I was finding that we hadn’t scheduled our next guest yet.

I pinged Glenn on Tuesday, asking if he had any ideas. But something magical happened that evening, when an email hit my inbox at 6PM:

Wait. Josh Atwell (@josh_atwell)? King of the gingers?


Heck yes!

So we decided we’d make this week’s show about automation, with a SolidFire spin. After all, February *is* SolidFire month…

Recording the show

Josh was great and was a natural on the podcast. We’ll definitely have him back on. We talked about automation, why you need automation and included a bunch of Office Space references. Sadly, we had to cut some of the colorful language out…

Here are some photos from the show.

I wanted to call it “Automation for the People” in honor of R.E.M., but SEO rules.

Now check out the episode!

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