Behind the Scenes: Episode 31 – FlexPod with Infrastructure Automation

Welcome to the Episode 31 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

If you noticed that I am late in delivering this post, it’s because I wasn’t actually behind the scenes of this episode. I was out in Sunnyvale at Storage Field Day 9, moonlighting as a live blogger/roving reporter.

Thankfully, the podcast was in completely capable hands, as Glenn and Andrew nailed the latest episode on the new FlexPod product, Infrastructure Automation. Glenn sent it to me to edit on Wednesday afternoon and I knocked it out that night to make sure it got released on time. They left me a few language surprises that I had to edit, but overall, it was a solid show. Sounds like FlexPod has its own HCI-like feel to it now. While there’s technically no hypervisor in place, the solution seems to solve the simplicity and manageability aspects nicely.

I’ll be back in the studio this week, as we’re recording a whopping FOUR episodes on Wednesday and Thursday. Be on the lookout for new shows on Storage Service Design and SnapCenter!

Now, check out Episode 31:

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