Behind the Scenes: Episode 35 – Mesosphere DC/OS


Welcome to the Episode 35 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

This week, we were fortunate to get the folks at Mesosphere over Skype to talk to us on the week of the release of DC/OS. Andrew was actually the driver of the scheduling here, and it was good timing.

This episode featured:

  • Kiersten Gaffney of Mesosphere (@kierstengaffney)
  • Aaron Williams of Mesosphere (@_arw)
  • Garrett Mueller, Technical Director at Netapp
  • Bryan Naylor, developer at NetApp

The official NetApp blog post on the episode can be found here:

Recording the podcast

This week, we had a combination of local people from NetApp, as well as Skype callers from Mesosphere.

The recording went pretty smoothly. Fun fact from last week – forgot to hit record for about 20 min into the OpenStack Summit podcast. True professionalism there.

DC/OS is ready to download and try today at You can also find Andrew’s new Docker blog post at and a link for the new NetApp Docker plugin here:

Now, for the podcast!

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