Behind the Scenes: Episode 39 – NetApp A-Team ETL


Welcome to the Episode 39 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

This week, we took the show on the road to NetApp headquarters to attend the NetApp A-Team ETL, which is similar to Storage Field Day, except it’s all NetApp.

So, Sully and I hopped on a plane to act as ambassadors and to conduct interviews of the guys. When we do that, we use these nifty little recording devices:


We also use those at trade shows. They’re portable and do pretty good recording work.

We managed to interview about 7 of the A-Team members, but couldn’t get more than that, as the bus was leaving for the final evening event. We’ll definitely be trying to sync up with them over Skype for future episodes for sure. If you want to catch a few other interviews from them, Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) did some with them for his Virtually Speaking podcast.

Essentially, the ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) is a chance for A-Team members to engage senior NetApp leaders and voice their feedback to those leaders in an attempt to make NetApp better. One of those leaders happened to be NetApp founder, Dave Hitz, who’s always a popular guest for his candidness and entertaining delivery.


We also were able to interview the Cloud Czar/new SolidFire CTO, Val Bercovici, as well as Joel Kaufman, who is a director of product management for manageability at NetApp.

All in all, I thought the ETL was a success. Great, smart people. Lots of good food. Lots of fun. And Samantha Moulton, who runs the A-Team (@NetAppATeam), did a fantastic job bringing it all together.


The podcast is all finished and up for listening. You can find it on iTunes or SoundCloud or by going to

Also, if you don’t like using iTunes or SoundCloud, we just added the podcast to Stitcher.

You can find it here:

I also recently got asked how to leverage RSS for the podcast. You can do that here:

The official NetApp blog post for the podcast is here:

Now, here’s the podcast!


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