Stay tuned for some big news in the month of June!

I recently went on vacation this past week after attending the NetApp A-Team ETL. The family went to Carolina Beach, and if you have ever had/currently have kids, you know that a vacation with a toddler is not really much of a vacation. But, the weather was pretty nice overall…


Good news is, I got my FitBit step goals in for the week.

But, it was still a ton of fun – nothing like witnessing things like the ocean, rusty carnival rides and carnies through the eyes of someone who’s seeing them for the first time.

Now that I’m back, it’s time to start pumping up what we’ve got going on in June.

June will be a huge month for announcements – both for SolidFire and for NetApp. As such, the Tech ONTAP Podcast team is reserving the entire month of June for these announcements. There will also be blog posts on new things!

Naturally, I’m not at liberty to go into too much detail, but know that hints have been dropped all over the place, including on the recent NetApp earnings call.

I will, however, leave you with this teaser graphic…


One thought on “Stay tuned for some big news in the month of June!

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