SolidFire Analyst Day News #BringOnTheFuture

Today, SolidFire announced a few things during their Analyst Day.

First of all, they have new branding – one that’s more in line with the NetApp color scheme.

Secondly, there’s a pretty rad new robot on the site, who totally looks like he’s contemplating his own existence:


They’ve also announced the intent to create a SolidFire FlexPod solution, as well as the new Element 9 OS.

Flash Forward

Most importantly, SolidFire promised that June 2 would change the storage industry forever. And it seems like they might have done just that with a new way to think about how customers purchase storage. The Flash Forward program offers flexibility for customers – you only pay for what you use – and promises to “future proof” your purchases. The concept has promise – but ultimately, customers will decide if it’s the right approach for them. I tend to think they’ll hop onboard, as well as the rest of the storage industry.

How’s that for change?

Some of the NetApp A-Team blogged about the event:

In addition, the Tech ONTAP podcast team spoke with the SolidFire CTO, Val Bercovici (@valb00) about the announcement. There’s a mini-podcast here:

Also, be sure to check out ONTAP 9 month on  the podcast. I blogged about it here.

3 thoughts on “SolidFire Analyst Day News #BringOnTheFuture

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