Top vBlog 2016 Results are in! Where did we land?

Every year, Eric Siebert (@ericsiebert) puts in a ton of work to collect and rank the top virtualization blogs. Last year, my blog made the (long) list in its first year. This year, I was hoping to crack the top 50. I don’t do a ton of virtualization posts, but I do sprinkle in a few here and there.

Out of 321 blogs, I made #80! Not too shabby.

I also was eligible for the top storage blog category. I thought I’d do decently in that category, but only ended up getting #13 out of 24. I did somehow manage to edge out Stephen Foskett. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

As for the Tech ONTAP Podcast… dead last. 😦

Thanks to all the hard work from Eric Siebert, as well as Eric Wright (@discoposse), who helped out a bunch on the rankings, as well as helped sponsor via VMTurbo.

Speaking of Eric, he landed at #39 on the list, and totally trounced Tech ONTAP for top podcast. I was lucky enough to be a guest on that podcast a few weeks prior:

Other notables:

  • vMiss stayed in the top 30!
  • NetApp A-Team member Michael Cade hit #120 on his first try!


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