Behind the Scenes: Episode 51 – Guided Problem Solving and Live Chat Support

Welcome to the Episode 51, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”


This week, we welcome Ross Ackerman (@TheRossAckerman) to talk about some improvements to the NetApp Support site experience, and how customers can leverage support without having to open cases or pick up the phone.

Guided Problem Solving

The first thing we discuss is a feature called “Guided Problem Solving.” This feature is exactly what it sounds like – a guided problem solver. If you want more information, check out the white paper on Guided Problem Solving and Chat.

When you land on the NetApp support site, you’ll see a green box in the middle of the page:


Right now, those are the only options. Expect more available products in this feature in the near future…

From there, click on the solution you need to work on. That will open a page with a subset of solutions:


Since I am the NFS dude, I picked NFS.

When you click on the desired subject, you get a new page. It starts off with the setup and configuration docs, mainly because that’s one of the first things people are trying to find.

However, there are also areas to find KBs, Tech Reports and community posts on the selected subject.


Of course, if the provided information doesn’t help you, click “create a case.”

Finding the Podcast

The podcast is all finished and up for listening. You can find it on iTunes or SoundCloud or by going to

Also, if you don’t like using iTunes or SoundCloud, we just added the podcast to Stitcher.

I also recently got asked how to leverage RSS for the podcast. You can do that here:

You can listen here:


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