Behind the Scenes: Tech ONTAP Podcast Live!

During NetApp Insight 2016 in Las Vegas, Andrew and I had the opportunity to do a podcast live, onstage, during the Tech Team Forum. We invited one of the NetApp A-Team members, Glenn Dekhayser (@gdekhayser) of Red8, to talk DevOps.

We had a short list of questions prior, but didn’t rehearse anything until the day before. And even then, it was kind of a partial rehearsal – they ran out of time to complete it. So, we pretty much ad libbed the whole thing, which is the Tech ONTAP podcast way!

We knew Glenn was going to be great, as was Andrew. I was the wild card. The guest beard made its triumphant public appearance.

The story of the guest beard

Each one of us on the podcast has a beard.


Well, I have one during the fall and winter. Screw summer beards. However, many of our guests do not. So, we decided we needed a beard for one and all. I went to Amazon and found the rattiest beard I could find. Mission accomplished. Now, it’s the unofficial mascot of the podcast.

The decision to wear it onstage, in front of co-workers and partners, as well as execs, was kind of a last minute audible. I’m pretty sure it went over like a lead balloon. No one expects a guest beard.

If you’re interested, here’s the podcast on stage, in its entirety. Let us know what you think!

Also, be sure to check out for more of our episodes!


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