9.1RC2 is now available!


9.1RC2 is now available!

That’s right – release candidate now available. If you have concerns over the “RC” designation, allow me to recap what I mentioned in a previous blog post:

RC versions have completed a rigorous set of internal NetApp tests and are are deemed ready for public consumption. Each release candidate would provide bug fixes that eventually lead up to the GA edition. Keep in mind that all release candidates are fully supported by NetApp, even if there is a GA version available. However, while RC is perfectly fine to run in production environments, GA is the recommended version of any ONTAP software release.

For a more official take on it, see the NetApp link:


What’s new in ONTAP 9.1?

At a high level, ONTAP 9.1 brings:

9.1RC2 specifically brings (outside of bug fixes):

  • Support for the DS460C shelves
  • Official support for backup of NAS to cloud via AltaVault (SnapMirror)
  • SMB support for NetApp FlexGroup volumes

Happy upgrading!

For info about ONTAP 9.0, see:

ONTAP 9 RC1 is now available!

ONTAP 9.0 is now generally available (GA)!


Behind the Scenes: Episode 66 – @vMiss33 Gets Her #VCDX On

Welcome to the Episode 66, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”


This week, the Tech ONTAP podcast team synced up with a podcast veteran, the one and only Melissa Palmer (aka @vMiss33)!

Melissa recently achieved 1337 VMware architect status by completing the grueling VCDX, so we asked her about that journey.

And by we, I mean Glenn and Andrew – I was in Pittsburgh, discussing some FlexGroup goodness with the dev team there. Glenn and Andrew managed not to screw the show up too badly.

Finding the Podcast

The podcast is all finished and up for listening. You can find it on iTunes or SoundCloud or by going to techontappodcast.com.

Also, if you don’t like using iTunes or SoundCloud, we just added the podcast to Stitcher.


I also recently got asked how to leverage RSS for the podcast. You can do that here:


You can listen here: