ONTAP CLI comparison tool


Ever wonder where a command you always used to use went? Or what the new commands in an ONTAP release are? Didn’t want to read every document on the planet to find out?

Well, good news!

NetApp has released a new tool that does ONTAP CLI comparisons between releases on the support site! And you don’t even need a valid NetApp login to see it.


This tool takes comparisons of commands between one major release and color codes them to show which have been added, changed or removed.


Once you click on one of the releases, you get a page that has a color-coded legend and a series of drop down boxes that allow you to navigate different levels of the CLI directory structure. Green means “added.” Yellow is “changed.” Red is “removed.”

In addition, the drop down menus allow for quick navigation of the CLI directories. For instance, you can click “vserver” and get all of the sub-commands.


Once you select one, it takes you to the area of the table that you selected.


That’s it! Pretty simple. If you’re interested in some ONTAP CLI tricks and tips, check out TECH::Become a clustered Data ONTAP CLI Ninja.

One thought on “ONTAP CLI comparison tool

  1. Amigo good tool! Would be helpful if the switches/commands, etc that are highlighted “green/newly added” were actual links to the documentation that further explains it’s use; man page for example.


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