Taking a look at the new MyAutosupport Dashboard

NetApp has released a new MyAutosupport dashboard to help enhance the value you get out of the tool. The new features focus on predictive analytics, as well as proactive steps to help maintain your ONTAP cluster in an easier to digest format.

Included in the release are:

  • New customer dashboard with capacity and upgrade recommendations
  • New system dashboard with recommendation details
  • Workload tagging for context sensitive recommendations
  • Upgrade recommendations and plans in a few clicks
  • Dynamic and powerful search for your installed base
  • Modern, responsive user interface

The new interface can be found here:


What does it look like?

The new dashboard has a simpler look and feel and offers monitoring and historical tracking of system data, as well as predictive analysis.

The following gives an example of how the new MyAutosupport will look and feel:


The splash page will deliver a way to track usage and consumption, ensure you’re running the recommended ONTAP versions, as well as viewing recent support cases and system risks to see if there needs to be some proactive maintenance done on a system.

Detailed views

In addition to the overall summary, you can click on one of the sections and drill down into a more detailed analysis of your cluster.


View capacity forecasts based on data and workload trends, storage efficiency summaries and details about system risks.

Workload tagging

In addition to the predictive analysis and risk assessment, MyAutosupport also offers a way to tag specific volumes in your cluster and associate them with an application workload. Then, MyAutosupport will provide context sensitive proactive recommendations that will enable you get better efficiency, performance, and availability for your applications. You will also receive recommendations for best practices that are specific to your application. MyAutosupport will come pre-populated with specific applications in a drop down box to simplify the procedure.


Simplified upgrade planning

From MyAutosupport, you can generate upgrade plans to provide a smoother and simpler way to perform non-disruptive upgrades. Just click on the “Upgrade Recommendation” portion of MyAutosupport, select the systems to upgrade, the target version and click Next.


Enhanced search functionality

MyAutosupport also allows for better search functionality across systems in your environment. Simply type in a name, site or cluster and the list will populate in real time.


Don’t like it?

That’s fine! We still have “Classic My Autosupport” for people who hate change.



Also check out the latest Tech ONTAP podcast where we talk with Sudip Hore about the dashboard!



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