What the heck happened to last week’s Tech ONTAP podcast?

Last week, you may or may not have noticed we didn’t do a Tech ONTAP podcast. Generally, we give a little heads up when this happens. However, the saga of the missing podcast episode started around 10PM on Sunday night for me…

I started feeling like I was having mild pain on the right side of my abdomen. It felt like a gas pain, but it was sore to the touch. Because I am a product of the information age, I googled “appendix location” to find out if it was located where I was having issues, and it was. However, it wasn’t severe, so I decided to try to sleep it off.

Around 2:30AM, I woke up and decided it was probably appendicitis. I told my wife I was going to the ER. She offered to take me, but we had a sleeping 3.5 year old, so I drove myself. After a few tests, I got confirmation and I texted my colleagues that the podcast would have to be recorded without me. However, it got postponed instead.

17990846_10154645107282075_5657874379466161650_n 18058179_10154646433047075_732476922102100862_n

I had my surgery and am recovering nicely, but the podcast had to be moved to another week, as I was *also* going on vacation that week.


Bummer, but there’s the reason. 🙂

This week, don’t expect a podcast on Friday either – instead, we are publishing on Monday, May 8 to correspond with a special announcement for StorageGrid WebScale, so stay tuned… Also, expect the postponed podcast to appear soon, as well – we got a very special guest to join us!

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