ONTAP 9.1P3 is available!


ONTAP 9.1P3 is available for download today.

You can get it here:


P-releases are patch releases and include bug fixes. Fixed in this release (since P2):

1015156 Storage controller disruption might occur when closing a CIFS session or a CIFS tree with large number of open files.
1028842 Storage system might experience a disruption under heavy load conditions
1032738 NDMP might fail to detect socket close condition causing the backup operations to enter into a hung state.
1036072 NA51 firmware release for 960 GB and 3.8 TB SSD series
1050210 New drive firmware to mitigate higher failure rate on a drive model
1055450 SnapMirror source system disrupts while pre-processing data to a format that can be understood by the destination system
1058975 SAN services disrupt in a two-node cluster when a node reboots while its partner is in a sustained taken-over state
1063710 Controller disruption occurs while processing read request in certain scenarios
1064449 ‘total_ops’ and ‘other_ops’ counters for the system object are incorrect
1064560 Large file deletion or LUN unmap operations can stall on FlexClone volumes
1065209 Replay cache resources held up in reserves lead to EJUKEBOX errors for NFS clients
1068280 X1133A-R6 initiator port fails to discover FCP target devices
1069032 Unnecessary aggregate metadata reads might lead to long Consistency Points or WAFL Hung
1069555 Unnecessary aggregate metadata reads might lead to long consistency points or the file system disrupts
1070116 Driver code repeatedly generates the ‘Error: Failed to open NVRAM device 0’ error message in messages.log
867605 NDMP DAR restore using non-ASCII (UTF-8) doesn’t seem to work
981677 Ethernet interface on the UTA2 X1143-R6 adapter and onboard UTA2 ports might become unresponsive


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