ONTAP 9.2 is Generally Available! (GA)

ONTAP 9 is on a new cadence model, which brings a new release every 6 months. In May, we saw ONTAP 9.2RC1 release. Today, ONTAP 9.2GA is available here!



Feature highlights

I cover the new stuff in a bit more depth in the ONTAP 9.2RC1 blog post, but here’s a short list of the new features in ONTAP 9.2GA:

  • Aggregate inline deduplication
  • FabricPools
  • QoS Minimums
  • ONTAP Select enhancements (2 node HA, iSCSI LUN support, ESX ROBO license)
  • Simplification and usability enhancements
  • 800TB aggregates
  • ADPv2 for FAS
  • NetApp Volume Encryption on FlexGroup volumes

Generally, there are no feature changes between an RC and a GA release, but for 9.2, FabricPools add support for tiering from a SnapMirror destination volume in 9.2GA.

So there you have it! The latest release of ONTAP! Post your thoughts or questions in the comments below!


12 thoughts on “ONTAP 9.2 is Generally Available! (GA)

  1. Thanks Justin!

    Do you know a rough ballpark date for when ONTAP 10 is expected to be released?

    I have some tutorials which I need to update to the new GUI but I’ll wait around if v10 is coming out soon-ish.


    Neil Anderson


  2. thanks Justin. As far as I can see in IMT, 9.2 is supported with our FAS2552 and vSphere 6.5, right? So I only have to wait for Veeam Backup to support latest version of OnTap 🙂


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