ONTAP 9.2 is Generally Available! (GA)

ONTAP 9 is on a new cadence model, which brings a new release every 6 months. In May, we saw ONTAP 9.2RC1 release. Today, ONTAP 9.2GA is available here!



Feature highlights

I cover the new stuff in a bit more depth in the ONTAP 9.2RC1 blog post, but here’s a short list of the new features in ONTAP 9.2GA:

  • Aggregate inline deduplication
  • FabricPools
  • QoS Minimums
  • ONTAP Select enhancements (2 node HA, iSCSI LUN support, ESX ROBO license)
  • Simplification and usability enhancements
  • 800TB aggregates
  • ADPv2 for FAS
  • NetApp Volume Encryption on FlexGroup volumes

Generally, there are no feature changes between an RC and a GA release, but for 9.2, FabricPools add support for tiering from a SnapMirror destination volume in 9.2GA.

So there you have it! The latest release of ONTAP! Post your thoughts or questions in the comments below!



9 thoughts on “ONTAP 9.2 is Generally Available! (GA)

  1. Thanks Justin!

    Do you know a rough ballpark date for when ONTAP 10 is expected to be released?

    I have some tutorials which I need to update to the new GUI but I’ll wait around if v10 is coming out soon-ish.


    Neil Anderson


  2. thanks Justin. As far as I can see in IMT, 9.2 is supported with our FAS2552 and vSphere 6.5, right? So I only have to wait for Veeam Backup to support latest version of OnTap 🙂


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