New! NetApp FlexGroup Lab on Demand

Working in the laboratory

Interested in trying out NetApp FlexGroup volumes yourself? Well, we have a new Lab on Demand available that guides you through the setup and configuration of NetApp FlexGroup volumes, as well as managing and monitoring the feature.

If you have a NetApp login and are a partner or internal employee, you can check it out here: (log in and then search for/click on the NetApp FlexGroup Volumes in ONTAP v1.0 lab)

If you’re a customer, ping your account team for access, or check out the Lab on Demand at Insight!

While you’re there, be sure to check out other Labs on Demand!

What is Lab on Demand?

Lab on Demand is a fully automated virtualized sandbox of a multitude of NetApp technologies. You can do pretty much anything in these labs, including:

  • Setting up SnapMirror and SnapVault relationships
  • Managing Multiprotocol NAS environments using LDAP
  • Configuring and using SnapCenter
  • Using Docker and Kubernetes with NetApp
  • Testing VMware SRM Backup and Recover

And much more!

Be sure to send lab feedback to or post to the comments here!

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