Ready for Insight 2017?

NetApp Insight 2017 is rapidly approaching and I’ll be making my 5th appearance. This year, I’m doing another FlexGroup session, but I’m also picking up the general ONTAP session to discuss what’s new in ONTAP 9.3, and how ONTAP is modernizing your datacenter. This is me last year at Insight, discussing FlexGroup volumes in a shorter video:

These are the session numbers and abstracts, if you’re interested in signing up on the schedule builder:

16594-2 – Accelerate Unstructured Data with FlexGroup: the Next Evolution of Scale-Out NAS

NetApp FlexGroup volumes were introduced in NetApp ONTAP 9.1 and were designed to deliver capacity and performance benefits over not only NetApp FlexVol volumes, but also over competitive solutions. This session will include an overview of what NetApp FlexGroup volumes are, how they work, where to use them and an update on the new features and functionality.

30682-2 – Modernize Your Data Center with a Sneak Peek at the Latest ONTAP 9 Improvements

NetApp ONTAP 9.2 brought a slew of improvements that have enabled NetApp customers to modernize their data management infrastructure. Come for a review of the top enhancements in ONTAP 9.2, and stay for a sneak peek at improvements likely coming soon in the next major release of ONTAP.

I’ve also created a Hands On Lab for FlexGroup volumes that any Insight attendee can sign up for and will be handing out Tech ONTAP Podcast stickers and t-shirts. This year, we have a special edition featuring artwork by Ashley McNamara:


You can find them in the Social Media Hub in Insight Central.

Other sessions of interest

Here are a few other sessions you may want to check out:

  • 18544-2 – Optimize Your NetApp ONTAP 9 All Flash FAS and FAS Systems
  • 13902-2 – Securing and Hardening NetApp ONTAP 9
  • 16700-2 – FabricPool in the Real World: Configurations and Best Practices
  • 18012-2 – NetApp ONTAP SAN Best Practices
  • 12708-2 – How NVMe and Storage-Class Memory Are Reshaping the Storage Industry
  • 16944-2 – Shrink Your DMZ Infrastructure with ONTAP and Other Networking Best Practices
  • 16947-2 – Thwart Threats and Add Functionality to Your NFS Storage
  • 17323-2 – Simplifying the Transition from 10GbE to 40GbE Infrastructure
  • 17703-2 – Simplify NetApp ONTAP Operations Management with Integrated Unified Manager
  • 18576-2 – Store Your Data in the Right Place on Multiple-Storage-Tier ONTAP 9 Clusters

Also check out NetApp A-Team member Ruari McBride’s NetApp Insight blog here:

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