NetApp FlexGroup: Crazy fast

This week, the SPEC SFS®2014_swbuild test results for NetApp FlexGroup volumes submitted for file services were approved and published.

TL;DR – NetApp was the cream of the crop.

You can find those results here:

The testing rig was as follows:

  • Four node FAS8200 cluster (not AFF)
  • 72 4TB 7200 RPM 12Gb SAS drives (per HA pair)
  • NFSv3
  • 20 IBM servers/clients
  • 10GbE network (four connections per HA pair)

Below is a graph that consolidates the results of multiple vendor SPEC SFS®2014_swbuild results. Notice the FlexGroup did more IOPS (around 260k) at a lower latency (sub 3ms):


In addition, NetApp had the best Overall Response Time (ORT) of the competition:


And had the best MBps/throughput:


Full results here:

For more information on the SPEC SFS®2014_swbuild test, see

Everything but the kitchen sink…

With a NetApp FlexGroup, the more clients and work you throw at it, the better it will perform. An example of this is seen in TR-4571, with a 2 node A700 doing GIT workload testing. Note how increasing the jobs only encourages the FlexGroup.



FlexGroup Resources

If you’re interested in learning more, see the following resources:

You can also email us at

5 thoughts on “NetApp FlexGroup: Crazy fast

  1. Impressive, especially with SATA drives. Noticed it has a lot of FlashCache. Curious what the cache and flashcache hit ratios were, and how much work the drives were doing.


  2. Hi Justin,

    you got the wrong picture (almost) at the bottom: The IOPS vs. Latency is really missing, you used the Max Throughput one twice… 😉

    And congrats on being #1 on *both*, ORT and Throughput !
    If you compare it with the other contenders, they roughly reverse their rating there (e.g. WekaIO being 2nd best in MB/s and worst in ORT, IBM GL6 being 2nd best in latency and worst in MB/s…) Quite a feat to be best in both!


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