ONTAP 9.4 is now GA!

ONTAP 9 is on a new cadence model, which brings a new release every 6 months.

Today, ONTAP 9.4GA is available here!



Also, check out the documentation center:


NetApp published a general overview blog on NVMe with Joel Reich here:


Jeff Baxter’s blog is here:


We also did an overview podcast:

And a few others on ONTAP 9.4:

And a lightboard video:

This is a brief list of the new features…


Fabric Pool enhancements include:

  • Tiering to Microsoft Azure Blob storage
  • Tiering of active file system data
  • Predictive performance with the object storage profiler
  • Predictive space savings for Fabric Pool before you enable it


  • Increased Snapshot limits – 1,023 per volume!
  • Background aggregate level deduplication scanner
  • Automatic enable of all storage efficiencies on data protection volumes
  • Support for 30TB SAS attached SSDs
  • Deduplication across snapshots and active file system
  • Reduced node root volume sizes on new platforms


  • End-to-end NVMe support (NVMe attached drives in the new A800 + NVMe over fibre channel support)
  • SMB multichannel support
  • 100GbE Ethernet support


  • Secure purge of files (crypto-shred!)
  • Secure boot via UEFI on new platforms
  • Validated ONTAP images
  • Protected controller reboot

I went into more detail about the features in the RC blog here:

ONTAP 9.4RC1 is now available!

For more information, check out these brief videos for some lightboard action on new ONTAP 9.4 stuff:

Some other information on the launch can be found as follows:

GCP Cloud Volumes for NFS with native access to the GCP tool suite (Google Cloud)

Storage Grid Update 11.1

A800 and the A220

ONTAP 9.4 with first to market NVMe/FC support

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