Where can you find me at #NetAppInsight 2018?

NetApp Insight 2018 in Las Vegas is just a few weeks away and I’m currently in “get ready” mode. Between building sessions, updating docs for the upcoming ONTAP release and putting together podcast promos and episodes, I’ve been a busy little gopher.

For the general NetApp Insight preview, check it out here:

Behind the Scenes: Episode 158 – NetApp Insight 2018 Preview

Speaking of gophers, we’re unveiling a new shirt and sticker design this year, with a variation of the gopher, which I built on gopherize.me!


The week before Insight, I’ll also be doing my annual “get in touch with nature before dealing with Las Vegas” side quest. The last 2 years, I did Zion and covered it here:

This year, I plan on driving from Sunnyvale through Yosemite, Sequoia and Death Valley over the course of a few days. Road trip!


I’ll be in Las Vegas on Sunday for a bootcamp on ONTAP AI, which I will be picking up on a more regular basis after Insight, which ties in nicely to my core competencies of NAS and FlexGroup volumes!

Insight 2018 – The Main Event

Starting Monday, I’ll be all over the place – booth, customer meetings and sessions. At this point, I only know what my session schedule looks like, so feel free to register for a spot in one of them!

Here are the sessions I’ll be presenting…

1214-2 – What’s On Tap in the Next Major Release of NetApp ONTAP

The next major release of NetApp ONTAP is upon us, and it is chock-full of data management goodness. Come and learn about the latest features in the new release, as well as what features came in the spring release, and how those features are enabling storage administrators to harness the power of their ONTAP systems.

Dates/times offered:

  • Monday Oct 22, 10AM PST (currently full – waitlist!)
  • Monday Oct 22, 3PM PST – Japanese translated session (119 seats remain!)
  • Tuesday Oct 23, 3:15PM PST (23 seats remain!)

1255-2 – FlexGroup: The Foundation of the Next-Generation NetApp Scale-Out NAS

Workloads are growing–both in capacity and performance needs. As data becomes the primary factor driving enterprise businesses, storage administrators need a simple and efficient way to store a lot of it in a single place. This session covers NetApp FlexGroup volumes and how their use expands beyond the high-file-count, large-capacity use cases and into others such as home directories, backup and archive, big data, and media/entertainment. Come learn how FlexGroup, the NetApp scale-out NAS solution, accelerates your enterprise file service performance, simplifies this traditional on-premises workload, and shifts it into the cloud-enabled paradigm.

Dates/times offered:

  • Monday Oct 22, 4:30PM PST (47 seats remain!)
  • Wednesday Oct 24, 2PM PST (75 seats remain!)

You can also find a bunch of other sessions in the Insight Event Catalog! If you’re a customer, you can also schedule 1:1 meetings through our EBC. Contact your sales rep for details. You can also tweet me @NFSDudeAbides or email me at whyistheinternetbroken@gmail.com if you just want to sync up or get free stickers!

See you at NetApp Insight 2018!


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