NetApp Insight 2018 Sessions are live!


If you missed out on NetApp Insight 2018 in Las Vegas and Barcelona, or if you went and either missed out on a session or just want to review sessions you attended, you can do that at this link (provided you are a NetApp customer, partner or employee) to the NetApp Video Hub:

NetApp Video Hub

Simply log in and browse!

As per NetApp Insight Program Manager Jim Coleman, here’s the lowdown:

Contents include breakouts recorded in Las Vegas and Barcelona events as well as selected events at Insight.  Content is available in PDF, MP4, and MP3 formats.  The new Panopto recordings allow you to search on the spoken or written word and to increase or slow down the rate of speech (English as a second language or reduce the amount of time to listen to the recording).  If you require PPT format they will be available soon on the Field Portal for employees and partners.  Questions regarding the recordings should be directed

We also did podcast recaps here:

Behind the Scenes: Episode 168 – NetApp Insight 2018 Barcelona Recap

Behind the Scenes: Episode 162 – NetApp Insight 2018 Las Vegas Recap

Happy listening!

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