Updated FlexGroup Technical Reports now available for ONTAP 9.6!

ONTAP 9.6 is now available, so that means the TRs need to get a refresh.


There are some new features in ONTAP 9.6 for FlexGroup volumes, including:

  • Elastic Sizing
  • MetroCluster support
  • SMB CA shares
  • FlexGroup rename/shrink

The TRs cover those features, and there are some updates to other areas that might not have been as clear as they could have been. I also added some new use cases.

Also, check out the newest FlexGroup episode of the Tech ONTAP Podcast:

TR Update List

Here’s the list of FlexGroup TRs that have been updated for ONTAP 9.6:

TR-4678: Data Protection and Backup – FlexGroup volumes

This covers backup and DR best practices/support for FlexGroup volumes.

TR-4557: FlexGroup Volume Technical Overview

This TR is a technical overview, which is intended just to give information on how FlexGroups work.

TR-4571-a is an abbreviated best practice guide for easy consumption.

TR-4571: FlexGroup Best Practice Guide

This is the best practices TR and also offers:

  • More detailed information about high file count environments and directory structure
  • More information about maxdirsize limits
  • Information on effects of drive failures
  • Workarounds for lack of NFSv4.x ACL support
  • Member volume count considerations when dealing with small and large files
  • Considerations when deleting FlexGroup volumes (and the volume recovery queue)
  • Clarifications on requirements for available space in an aggregate
  • System Manager support updates

Most of these updates came from feedback and questions I received. If you have something you want to see added to the TRs, let me know!

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