Top 5 #TechONTAP Podcast Episodes of 2019

Because EVERYONE LOVES END OF YEAR LISTS, I decided to make one of the top 5 most listened-to Tech ONTAP Podcast episodes of 2019. There’s no subjectivity here – just pure metrics. Because everyone also loves metrics…

For the year, the podcast hit 151,000 plays. May was our busiest month with 12,552. Usually, the most listened to episodes will be older episodes, since they have more time to accrue statistics.

#5. Episode 189 – ONTAP 9.6 Overview: May 2019

Each ONTAP release, we do an overview episode. The ONTAP 9.6 Overview episode hit 2,746 plays for the year.

#4. Episode 186: ONTAP Storage Efficiency Overview: April 2019

This episode hit 2,751 plays for the year, as we covered the basics of ONTAP storage efficiencies, as well as going a little deeper into how they work.

#3. Episode 181: ONTAP Networking Deep Dive and Tips: March 2019

In this episode, we brought networking expert Richard Scheffenegger in to discuss ONTAP networking and some best practices. This one had 2,785 plays.

#2. Episode 192: REST APIs in ONTAP 9.6: May 2019

One of the more antcipated ONTAP features in ONTAP 9.6 was REST API support, and the plays show it. This episode hit 2,846 plays.

#1: Episode 183: NetApp Kubernetes Services: March 2019

Our number 1 listened-to episode of 2019 was the NetApp Kubernetes Services episode, where we discuss NKS and when you’d want to use it. This one had 2,975 plays – just shy of 3,000.

Since the yearly listens will be skewed by older episodes, here’s the top episode per month of 2019 as well.

January 2019 (13.4K plays)

Episode 172: Scale-out Networking in ONTAP (1,658 plays)

February 2019 (13K plays):

Episode 177: Data Science (1,666 plays)

March 2019 (13K plays):

Episode 181: ONTAP Networking Deep Dive and Tips (1,821 plays)

April 2019 (13.3K plays):

Episode 186: ONTAP Storage Efficiency Overview (1,891 plays)

May 2019 (17K plays):

Episode 188: FlexGroup Update (1,941 plays)

June 2019 (14.1K plays):

Episode 194: Cloud Volumes ONTAP, FlexCache and ONTAP 9.6 (1,788 plays)

July 2019 (10.9K plays):

Episode 198: NetApp A-Team ETL 2019 (1,799 plays)

August 2019 (12.9K plays):

Episode 202: TCP Performance Enhancements (2,015 plays)

September 2019 (12.9K plays):

Episode 207: VMworld 2019 Recap (1,742 plays)

October 2019 (11.8K plays):

Episode 211: NetApp Insight 2019 Preview (1,785 plays)

November 2019 (10.6K plays):

Episode 215: NetApp Insight 2019 Recap (1,878 plays)

December 2019 (7.6K plays):

Episode 221: All-SAN Array (1,376 plays)

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