Updated FlexGroup Technical Reports now available for ONTAP 9.7!

ONTAP 9.7 is now available, so that means the TRs need to get a refresh.


There are some new features in ONTAP 9.7 for FlexGroup volumes, including:

The TRs cover those features, and there are some updates to other areas that might not have been as clear as they could have been. I also added some new use cases.

Also, check out the newest FlexGroup episode of the Tech ONTAP Podcast:

Behind the Scenes: Episode 219 – FlexVol to FlexGroup Conversion

TR Update List

Here’s the list of FlexGroup TRs that have been updated for ONTAP 9.7:

TR-4678: Data Protection and Backup – FlexGroup volumes

This covers backup and DR best practices/support for FlexGroup volumes.

TR-4557: FlexGroup Volume Technical Overview

This TR is a technical overview, which is intended just to give information on how FlexGroups work.

TR-4571-a is an abbreviated best practice guide for easy consumption.

TR-4571: FlexGroup Best Practice Guide

This is the best practices TR and also offers information on new features, including details on FlexVol to FlexGroup convert!

Most of these updates came from feedback and questions I received. If you have something you want to see added to the TRs, let me know!

6 thoughts on “Updated FlexGroup Technical Reports now available for ONTAP 9.7!

  1. Hello, any plans for the snap auto delete function to be available for flexgrups?

    Error: command failed: Modification of the following fields:
    snap-autodelete-enabled not allowed for volumes of the type “FlexGroup –
    Read-Write volume”.


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