Behind the Scenes: Episode 241 – NetApp and ePlus: Powering Healthcare with Data Science

Welcome to the Episode 241, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”


This week on the podcast, everyone’s mind is on healthcare – specifically COVID-19. One of the things being used to combat the pandemic is an unlikely combatant; data. Data science, AI and Machine Learning is hard at work trying to unlock the secrets of the novel coronavirus, and we discuss on this podcast the role that data science plays in healthcare in general with ePlus (@ePlus) data scientist Andrew Malinow ( and NetApp’s Healthcare Business Development Manager Esteban Ruebens (@esteban_aihc).

We also reminisce a bit about the Mysterious Cities of Gold and apply the Turing Test to Andrew.

The Mysterious Cities of Gold (TV Series 1982–1983) - IMDb

Podcast Transcriptions

We also are piloting a new transcription service, so if you want a written copy of the episode, check it out here (just set expectations accordingly):

Episode 241: NetApp and ePlus: Powering Healthcare with Data Science – Podcast Transcript

Just use the search field to look for words you want to read more about. (For example, search for “storage”)


Be sure to give us feedback on the transcription in the comments here or via! If you have requests for other previous episode transcriptions, let me know!

Finding the Podcast

You can find this week’s episode here:

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