Virtual NetApp Insight Has Begun!

In case you aren’t aware, most (if not all) tech conferences have gone 100% virtual this year in light of the COVID pandemic. That includes NetApp Insight. You can check out the Insight preview podcast episode here:

Episode 260: NetApp Insight 2020 Preview

Being that everyone is new to this, there will be some hiccups – both from the event side, as well as the attendees.

So, I will try to keep a list of tips here and add to it as I learn of issues/resolutions. If you have tips or questions, hit me up in the comments.

First, a plug for my sessions (naturally you’ll need to register and sign in):

BRK-1417-2: Achieving Effective NAS Deployments

This technical session will cover the latest NetApp ONTAP features designed to enhance your NAS (SMB, CIFS, and NFS) deployments. This session will cover NetApp FlexGroup and FlexCache volumes, FabricPool and multiprotocol NAS. Discover best practices, troubleshooting tips, and more!

BRK-1440-1: Do More With the Latest Release of ONTAP

A new year brings us a new ONTAP release and, with it, a plethora of new features. Join us and learn all about the advancements in the next major release of ONTAP and how it’s empowering a multitude of things: Tier-1 SAN applications, unstructured NAS workloads, cloud enablement, and increased security.

DEM-1541-1: NetApp FlexGroup Volumes – Do More With Less

FlexGroup volumes are designed with simplicity in mind. Within a few clicks, you can present a single namespace to thousands of clients in a matter of minutes. NetApp ONTAP handles the load balancing of the data across multiple nodes in the cluster with minimal admin intervention required.

Live Q&A Sessions/VIP meetings

While all of the Insight sessions are recorded and have ways to like and comment/ask questions in a chat, it’s not the same as real time Q&A.

If you crave an interactive discussion, there are two options.

Option #1: Schedule a VIP session

This option allows you to speak to the subject matter experts at NetApp for an hour and get some personal information on your deployment.

You can schedule VIP sessions here:

Option #2: Live Q&A

Some of the NetApp Insight Breakout Sessions have live Q&A scheduled, including a few instances of my ONTAP session BRK-1440-1.

To find those, rather than using the content library, use the Full Schedule link and then either filter by BRK sessions or search by name of session.

If you notice when you click on one of the sessions, it doesn’t start playing a video. Instead, it does this:

So, find the session you want to have live Q&A with and add it to your agenda!

Insight Digital Site Issues

Ok, now, here’s the first issue I ran into.

Weird sign in issue – Google Chrome

When I navigate to sign in to the Insight site using Google Chrome, I see this:

When I use Firefox, I see this:

So, your choices are to use a different browser or clear the cookies. You can do it specifically for the website:

Can’t find a session?

I had this issue personally – I was looking for my NAS session and couldn’t find it in the schedule. There’s a good reason for that – it’s not there.

Only sessions that have a live Q&A or other live action involved is listed there. If you want to find recorded sessions, use the hamburger menu and find the “Content Library” instead.

That will let you find the session you want.


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