Behind the Scenes Episode 324 – Cleondris SnapGuard and NetApp ONTAP for Ransomware Protection

Welcome to the Episode 324, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”


This week, Dr. Christian Plattner ( and Rob Horsfield ( of Cleondris join NetApp’s security evangelist Matt Trudewind (@ntapmatt) to discuss how Cleondris SnapGuard fits in with NetApp ONTAP and ransomware detection, prevention and remediation.

10 Facts about SnapGuard

  1. SnapGuard has been continuously developed over the last six years and is the most comprehensive collection of tools for protection against malicious data loss.

  2. SnapGuard allows you to block a ransomware attack when an infected file reaches a NetApp system.

  3. SnapGuard can handle up to 300,000 FPolicy actions per second, so NetApp system performance is not affected.

  4. SnapGuard can automatically scan specific data formats to detect undiscovered file corruption.

  5. SnapGuard allows you to set clear policies for user behavior to prevent malicious activity. (e.g. 100 deleted files, SnapGuard takes a snapshot, 1000 deleted files, SnapGuard locks the user).

  6. SnapGuard’s behavioral policies complement the automatic user monitoring offered by NetApp.

  7. SnapGuard can even be installed after a ransomware attack and can leverage existing NetApp snapshots and help determine which files should be restored and which should not (using NetApp SnapDiff technology and the SnapGuard GUI).

  8. SnapGuard provides a tamper-proof recording of all file access and changes without impacting performance or consuming large storage space.

  9. SnapGuard is easy to install and use. After just 10 minutes of installation, you can already set policies to protect your data.

  10. Cleondris is happy to support customers who want to run proof-of-concept tests to prove that SnapGuard works for them.

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The following transcript was generated using Google’s voice to text transcription service. As it is AI generated, YMMV.

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