Updated NetApp NFS Technical Reports Available for Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2!

New NAS related technical reports available for 8.3.2!

Why Is The Internet Broken?

Clustered Data ONTAP 8.3.2 GA is just around the corner. (8.3.2RC2 is already available)

Because of that, the latest updates to the following TRs are now publicly available!

Available now:

TR-4067: Clustered Data ONTAP NFS Implementation and Best Practice Guide

This is essentially the NFS Bible for clustered Data ONTAP. Read it if you ever plan on using NFS with clustered Data ONTAP.

TR-3580: NFSv4 Enhancements and Best Practices Guide for Data ONTAP Implementation

This TR covers NFSv4 in both 7-Mode and cDOT. Think of it as a companion piece to TR-4067.

TR-4379: Name Services Best Practice Guide

This TR covers best practices for DNS, netgroups, LDAP, NIS and other related items to name services in clustered Data ONTAP.

Coming soon:

TR-4073: Secure Unified Authentication

This one is currently being updated and does not have a timetable for release currently. Keep checking back here for more information.


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TECH:: Data ONTAP 8.2.3P3 is now available!

Check it out!

Why Is The Internet Broken?

Data ONTAP 8.2.3P3 has been released. As the NFS TME at NetApp, I am pretty stoked. Get it here:


This is an update to both 7-Mode and clustered Data ONTAP. Keep in mind that minor releases (such as 8.2.x) are immediately considered GA, so there is no RC for minor releases. They are essentially patch rollups with minimal new features.

The update contains:

  • Name services resiliency improvements (both modes)
  • SAN resiliency improvements
  • New platform support
  • NSE support for SnapLock in 7-Mode
  • Storage and Disk health monitoring services
  • Role-based access for SnapMirror in clustered Data ONTAP
  • New PAM card support
  • Windows NFSv3 client support for clustered Data ONTAP

If you are running NAS and are already on a 8.2.x release, UPGRADE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Lots of good NAS features/fixes for both 7-mode and cDOT.

If you are on a 8.1.x or prior release, consider/plan on upgrading, as it will be…

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TECH::vSphere 6.0 – NFS thoughts

vSphere 6.0 is GA today, so re-blogging this with some added information!

Why Is The Internet Broken?

DISCLAIMER: I work for NetApp. However, I don’t speak for NetApp. These are my own views. 🙂

I’m a tad late to the party here, as there have already been numerous blogs about what’s new in vSphere 6.0, etc. I haven’t seen anything regarding what was missing from a NFS perspective, however. So I’m going to attempt to fill that gap.

What new NFS features were added?

Famously, vSphere 6 brings us NFSv4.1. NFSV4.1 is an enhancement of NFSV4.0, which brought the following features:

  • Pseudo/unified namespace
  • TCP only
  • Better security via domain ID string mapping, single firewall port and Kerberos integration
  • Better locking than NFSv3 via a lease-based model
  • Compound NFS calls (i.e., combining multiple NFS operations into a single packet)
  • Better standardization of the protocol, leveraging IETF
  • More granular ACLs (similar to Windows NTFS ACLs)
  • NFS referrals
  • NFS sessions
  • pNFS

I cover NFSv4.x in some detail in TR-4067

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