Behind the Scenes: Episode 59 – NetApp Volume Encryption

Welcome to the Episode 59, part of the continuing series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

This week, we welcome Juan Mojica (@Juan_M_Mojica), product manager for the new feature NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE). NVE is available in ONTAP 9.1, which is being announced today at NetApp Insight!

We actually had planned for this episode to go out before Insight,  but realized we couldn’t announce any 9.1 stuff until the 26th. So you got Episode 57 on Scale Out Networking instead. 😛

What is NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)?

Previously, to encrypt data at rest on ONTAP systems, it was an all or nothing deal. ONTAP 9 introduced the ability to do an on-box key management, but you still were encrypting everything.

With NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE), you can encrypt data at a per-volume level, giving you more flexibility and avoiding the need to encrypt entire systems.

Because NVE leverages the AES-NI capabilities on CPU, there are hardware restrictions.

Supported platforms include:

Find out more in the episode below.

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