Behind the Scenes: Episode 43 – ONTAP 9 Data Protection Features

Welcome to the Episode 43 version of the new series called “Behind the Scenes of the NetApp Tech ONTAP Podcast.”

This is yet another in the series of episodes for ONTAP 9 month on the podcast.


This week, we invited a couple of our TMEs to talk about Data Protection features in ONTAP 9. Siddharth Agrawal (@siddharth_145) and Mike Worthen (@worthenmichael) discuss MetroCluster, SnapMirror Enhancements and the addition of SnapLock support

We had Mike Worthen live in the studio, and he’s a bit of a loose cannon. We had to keep telling him to stop banging on the table. Sid was a bit more subdued, but he was also connecting via Skype, so who knows what he was up to over there.

Finding the Podcast

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June 2016 – ONTAP 9 Month on the Tech ONTAP Podcast!

A couple weeks ago, I hinted at some news that was coming to the Tech ONTAP Podcast in June. Now, that news is finally here – ONTAP 9 has been announced!


We kicked off the month with an interview with Lee Caswell, the VP of Product and Solutions Marketing at NetApp to talk about why NetApp decided to go with the new ONTAP 9 version rather than another 8.x release, as well as how the ONTAP software release cadences are changing.

You can listen to that here:

The entire month is listed under a playlist here:

What changed?


With the new release, there is a focus on the following:


  • New AFF deployment templates for Oracle, VDI, SQL to speed up set up (<10 minute set up)
  • Improved and re-vamped management GUIs (Dave Morera does a nice job covering this)
  • Unified data management across on-prem (flash and disk) and cloud datacenters

Maximizing Data Center Agility

Improved Performance

  • 20x faster response times
  • Up to 60% more IOPs than 8.3.1

There’s also a series of new features being offered in ONTAP 9. We discussed some of those with Lee Caswell (see his blog here), but we will also be covering them in upcoming episodes this month.

For a short list of the new features:

  • Support for 15TB SSD
  • Inline data compaction
  • SnapLock® software for data compliance
  • RAID-TEC triple-parity protection
  • Headroom for visibility of performance capacity
  • MetroCluster enhancements
  • Onboard key manager (Included for FREE)
  • FlexGroups (PVR only in 9.0)
  • Workgroup mode for CIFS/SMB

A few of the NetApp A-Team Members wrote up some blogs for the new stuff:

Upcoming schedule


The following is the tentative podcast schedule for the rest of the month, where we talk about all things ONTAP 9!

Week of June 3: Lee Caswell on “Why ONTAP 9”; ONTAP 9 overview with a special SolidFire announcement in a mini-podcast! (2.5 podcasts in one week!)
June 10: ONTAP 9 features: Data Protection
June 17: ONTAP 9 features: Flash Perf
June 24: ONTAP 9 features: ONTAP Select and SAN
June 30: ONTAP 9 features: FlexGroups
July 4: ONTAP 9 features: Manageability Tools

Stay tuned for great things!