The NetApp E-Series EF570 – Leaving the Competition in the Dust

A few weeks ago, we had some folks from the E-Series team on the Tech ONTAP Podcast to give us an overview. In that podcast, we refer to the E-Series as the drag racer of NetApp, for good reason – it’s fast!

We were a tad early to record, as we secretly knew the EF570 AFA was about to release some smokin’ SPC-1 and SPC-2 numbers. Well, now, they’re officially out!

Check out the press release here.

What are the SCP-1 and SPC-2?

SPC stands for the “Storage Performance Council.” These are the folks that provide standard industry benchmarks for storage, with the hopes that the thirst for competition will drive vendors to create faster storage platforms. From their site’s charter:

The SPC serves as a catalyst for performance improvement in storage products.  In support of that goal, the SPC has developed a complete portfolio of industry-standard storage benchmarks. The comprehensive SPC benchmark portfolio utilizes I/O workloads that represent the “real world” storage performance behavior of both OLTP (online transaction processing) and sequential applications.

The SPC benchmark portfolio provides a rigorous, audited and reliable means to produce comparative storage performance, price-performance and energy use data, which is used to develop and evaluate storage products, which range from individual components to complex, distributed storage configurations.

NetApp submits results for several platforms, from ONTAP to E-Series, and generally does pretty well. In this case…

NetApp reached the top 10 in performance at #7 and set a new world record for SPC-1 v3 price/performance.

Tested Storage Product: Netapp EF570 All-Flash Array
SPC-1 IOPS: 500,022
SPC-1 Price-Performance™: $0.13/SPC-1 IOPS™ 
Total ASU Capacity 9,006 GB 
Data Protection Level Protected 2 (Mirrored and full redundancy) 
Total Price $64,212.58

The full EF570 results can be found here:

SPC-1 results:

SPC-2 results:

Check out the official NetApp blog here: