Introducing: ONTAP Recipes!

Official NetApp ONTAP recipes blog here:

One of the key initiatives NetApp has had over the course of the past few years is driving the simplicity and ease of use of ONTAP, its flagship storage software. Some of that work is going into the GUIs that run ONTAP, such as:

  • OnCommand System Manager being moved on-box to prevent the need to manage it on external systems, starting in ONTAP 8.3
  • Application provisioning templates for NAS and SAN applications starting in ONTAP 8.3.2 (including Oracle, VMware, Hyper-V, SQL, SAP HANA and others)
  • Performance headroom/capacity in System Manager in ONTAP  9.0
  • Top client/performance visibility in OnCommand System Manager via ONTAP  9.0
  • Intelligent, automatic balanced placement of storage objects when provisioning volumes and LUNs in ONTAP 9.2
  • Simplified cluster setup, ease of management when adding new nodes, automated non-disruptive upgrades starting in ONTAP 8.3.2 and later
  • Unification of OnCommand Performance Manager and Unified Manager into a single OVA in OnCommand 7.2
  • Better overall look and feel of the GUIs

There’s plenty more to tout, but this is a blog about NetApp’s newest way to help storage administrators (and reluctant, de facto storage administrators) manage ONTAP via…

ONTAP Recipes!

If you’ve ever watched a cooking show, the chef will show you the ingredients and how to assemble/mix/prep. Then, into the oven. Within seconds, through the magic of television, the steaming, hot, fully cooked dish is ready to eat. Super easy, right?


What they don’t show you is the slicing, chopping, cutting and dicing of the ingredients. That’s done ahead of time and measured out into little dishes. They also don’t show you the various times you inevitably forget to add an ingredient, or you add too much, or you have to run to the store to pick up something you forgot.

Then, the ultimate lie – they don’t let on that the perfectly cooked meal was prepared well before the show was filmed, waiting in the oven in all its perfection.

And that’s ok! We don’t want to see “how the sausage is made.”

We just want to consume it. And our storage is not that much different.

That’s the idea behind ONTAP recipes – they are intended to be written in an easy to follow order. Easy to read. Easy to consume. The goal is to deliver a new recipe each week. If you have a specific recipe you’d like to see, comment here or on the official NetApp ONTAP recipe page. Happy eating!


Here’s the latest one. The goal was to correspond with MongoDB World in Chicago on June 20-21:

For all the others, go here:

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