BREAKING NEWS at #NetAppInsight – ONTAP VVol Support?


Along with the announcement that vSphere 6.5 went GA today, I’ve got some pretty cool news that I was just given permission to share, on the caveat that I can’t actually give the “when” portion of this…

VVols 1.0 is currently being qualified for ONTAP 9.1!


That’s right… Both SolidFire *and* ONTAP will have support for VVols. Somewhere, Pete Flecha (@vPedroArrow) is smiling.

If you have a vested interest in this news, please email me at or comment below with some contact information and I will pass the word on to the ONTAP team.

So, while you’re at NetApp Insight in Berlin, go find Pete at the VMware booth, or attend one of the VMware specific sessions:

  • 60831-2: How Customers and Partners use NFS for Virtualization
  • 62151-2 – VMware Horizon Portfolio on NetApp
  • 61521-2 – VMware on NetApp ONTAP 9: New Tricks and Best Practice Update
  • 61718-3 – Creating a Storage Portal Using VMware vRealize and NetApp
  • 88633-2 Bridging the Gap: Networking for Storage and Virtualization Administrators
  • 88644-2 – New Capabilities in NetApp ONTAP 9, Optimized for All-Flash Virtualized Workloads
  • 61476-2 – VMware Virtual Volumes: Deploy, Implement and Troubleshoot

For NFS-specific information on vSphere 6.5, see:

vSphere 6.5: The NFS edition

For a rundown on the new ONTAP 9.1 features:

ONTAP 9.1 RC1 is now available!

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