NetApp Insight 2016 in Las Vegas is finally here. Months of preparation and tons of Powerpoint slides are coming to a close and next week, I’ll be able to deliver on the work I’ve put in. If you’re interested in what sessions I’m doing, I list them in Will I see you at #NetAppInsight 2016?


This year, the hashtag #NextStopInsight is being promoted to track the exploits of the various speakers and attendees making their way there.

I flew out on the 23rd and got a rental car. I lucked out – I got a nice Fiat 500 SUV, with a sunroof!


The drive to St. George was about 2 hours, so I made sure to fuel up on some In N Out burger before I left. Because health.


The speed limit between Vegas and St. George is 75 most of the way, which is nice. There’s also a really cool segment of highway that winds through some immense mountains. Makes you feel super small and insignificant. I’m going to try to set up the camera to get some video during the drive on the way back if I can.

Once I arrived, I made my way out to take a short hike in Pioneer Park. Climbed some big ol’ rocks.


Tomorrow, I head out to Zion National Park to do some hiking. Hopefully, I don’t end up like this guy:



I arrived at Zion on Saturday around 11AM and took the shuttle in from Springdale. I had planned on hiking the Narrows but decided I didn’t feel like dealing with the water and changing shoes. So I chose Angel’s Landing, due to its expansive views and the challenge.

It was quite an effort getting up there. Lots of inclines and switchbacks. Reminded me a bit of Waipi’o Valley in Hawaii, but a little harder. Easier than Fuji though.

It took me a few hours to get up there, and the last leg of the hike was a bit treacherous, but I made it and it was worth it.

14390843_10154002411207075_7128261085121645494_n 14484818_10154002411247075_9185201419600894120_n

14470650_10154002411267075_4448128506937014293_n 14457549_10154002411292075_2587925117120777540_n

14457341_10154002411312075_5699176978341795368_n 14462789_10154002411352075_3281220674495226699_n

14440677_10154002411387075_2335608414036550016_n 14359206_10154002411477075_7114581201712354369_n

14492362_10154002411532075_5818641320058191351_n 14433063_10154002411542075_4722005785927277439_n


Valley of Fire

The next day, on the way to Las Vegas for Insight, I made a stop through the Valley of Fire. It was pretty cool, but after Zion, meh. 🙂



I’m in Vegas now, so come find me and see if I have any Tech ONTAP podcast swag on me!

Check out a photographic account of my travel exploits on my way to Insight:

Photos from Zion

I also made a video. Because I’m a nerd.


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