A Year in Review: 2022 Highlights

Another year has passed by quickly and a lot has happened in the world. When you look at a list of some of the things that happened, you realize how much you can forget has happened. Some events are more important than others, but it’s always good to take a minute to recap.

  • Elon Musk owns Twitter (for now)
  • Midterm elections
  • War in Ukraine
  • Queen Elizabeth dies
  • Will Smith slap
  • FTX collapse
  • Britney Griner returns home
  • Houston Astros (MLB), Colorado Avalanche (NHL), LA Rams (NFL), Golden State Warriors (NBA), Argentina (World Cup) all crowned as champions

Obviously that’s not everything, but this blog isn’t about world events, but is instead a recap of some of the highlights of things I’ve worked on over the year.

January 2022

At the start of the year, I was head down in learning about Kubernetes and how to deploy a configuration from scratch. In January, I posted two blogs in a series about that journey (which is still ongoing). Which reminds me… I still have a draft of the next part in the series to complete.

I also recorded and posted a few podcasts that month:

February 2022

In February, I continued to learn about Kubernetes and did a podcast about the new features for Astra Control:

Behind the Scenes Episode 317 – NetApp Astra Control Center: What’s new in Winter 2022?

I also had a chance to learn about Natural Language Processing in a conversation with David Talby of John Snow Labs:

Behind the Scenes Episode 318 – Natural Language Processing in Healthcare with John Snow Labs

March 2022

In March, there was more Kubernetes, as I was able to talk with Andy King at Rancher about what they’re doing:

Then, it’s ONTAP new release time, as we discussed ONTAP 9.10.1 (better late than never!):

I also was able to chat with AJ Casamento of Broadcom about SAN Security with ONTAP:

April 2022

April was a lighter month for podcasts, but we did manage to discuss Cloud Backup:

And we chatted again about NLP with John Snow Labs:

May 2022

May seemed to be an unofficial Ransomware Protection month, as we did three episodes on Ransomware and security:

I also had a chance to talk about the NVIDIA SuperPod offering:

I also managed to get Kerberos working in a Kubernetes pod with some help from our friends at Google:

May is also when I published the GCP CVS Security TR:


June 2022

In June we did a couple of podcasts from the application perspective, featuring information about Consistency Groups and vVols:

And it was another new ONTAP release with ONTAP 9.11.1:

July 2022

I kicked off July with an episode on DevOps with Tim Doering:

Then, one on Cloud Backup with StorageGRID:

And another one on Medical Imaging with Samba Nova Systems:

And we wrapped up the month with a podcast about SAN Simplicity with AJ Casamento from Brocade:

August 2022

In August, we did another Medical Imaging podcast with Kim Garriott and Tony Turner (Esteban Rubens sadly left NetApp for Oracle):

We also covered the VM User Group and FlexPod XCS:

This is also when I started my new video series about Kubernetes called “Nailed It”:

September 2022

In September, we covered a lot of ground on Astra and talked about some customer use cases with Casey Schenberber of Hyland and Jacob Jiang from SAP:

I also was able to sync up with Yves Weisser about his work on Kubernetes:

I closed out the month with a VMware Explore recap:

October 2022

In October, we talked about the new Cloud Insights ONTAP Essentials offering with Yossi Weihs and Ed Barron:

And Kim Garriott dropped by again to discuss digital pathology:

November 2022

In November, we talked Cybersecurity with James Fair:

Then we covered the latest release of ONTAP:

December 2022

In December, I wrapped up the year on a tear with 4 podcast episodes.

First, I did one on FlexCache write back in ONTAP 9.12.1:

Then I did a couple on the new NetApp BlueXP:

Then we wrapped up the year with an episode on the new Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite:

In the background, I’ve also been working on a new ONTAP technical report for Kubernetes, which is currently in the process of being published, so stay tuned for that!

Year-end stats

It’s also cool to be able to look back at how the site and podcast stats performed.

Overall, there were 52,000 views and 36,500 visitors to the blog. That’s down a bit from previous years, but still pretty good.

As for the podcast, over 114,900 plays.

Top episodes this year were Active IQ, Autonomous SAN and the ONTAP 9.10.1 episode:

This coming year, I’ll focus on some different things and keep cranking out podcasts. Feel free to comment below for topics you might want to see covered!


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